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Pursue Your Family Time

Updated: May 23, 2018

Family Time can be quite illusive. So hard to connect and manage when life seems to "suck the life out of you" with its demands. however you can really have a good time with family when you "make it happen" here are a few tips:

1. Do Chores together. It's a time to bond and share. It encourages teamwork and accountability and responsibility.

2. Eat together. Without television. Make time with family by being intentional with how you utilize dinner time for conversation. Get a few suggestions for good family time off 'Google' - (search conversation starters.) Have your kids invite friends over.

3. Read together. Read with your wife or husband. Spend time reading with your children before bedtime. It's so important to learn together. Go to the library together and pick out good books.

4. Have family meetings. Connect with family by telling them of what's going on with each one, in school and have your kids report out what's new and what projects they are working on. Share hobbies and plan a family night.

5. Pray together and attend a house of worship together. Spending time in church together and talking about how the sermon touched your life and helped you see things differently, adds to the faith of your family.

I really, really love families.

I love how we create that cultural  magic.

and just shine.

our inner lights  reflecting our joy –

and our  love for one another.

I love how we groove.

I love how we move.

I love how we  find hope.

I love how we find healing.

I love how we search for one another .

I love how we embrace one another.

I love how we love. It’s all so different and complex.

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