• Jennifer Owens, LMSW

5 Major Ways to Do Self-Care

Updated: May 23, 2018

Here is Jennifer's "Pour In"... she tells you a little about how she relaxes, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Self-care could be a life saver for you. Here are the main elements of self-care you need to invest in.

1. In the work environment: It helps to take regular breaks throughout the day. If working, and I get tense, I usually make sure I use my ten minute breaks and walk the stairs or go out side for fresh air. I set my alarm and tell my self "this is important , I need this break."

2. Mentally/Spiritually: I spend time finding a quiet activity in the evenings. I take about an hour before bed and use that for quiet time. Quiet time tends to help me address my mood and state of mind. I might have tea, or time for prayer, and I take a moment to meditate or journal.

3.Socially: Spend time during the week with friends. My best friend is my husband. So we do take time on go on a date. Even if our funds are a little tight, we are sure to go out for coffee or tea, at a cafe'.

4. Physically: I take a walk to refresh early in the a.m. or do some stretching exercises. I have the luxury also of living in an apartment complex that has an exercise room. That helps especially during winter months, when you don't want to exercise outside. Walking, movement , and just time to move your body in another direction helps you flex and relieves tension.

5. Spiritually: Spiritual care looks a bit more than going to church. It may be spending time with other believers who think like you can encourage you and can be your inner circle. When you are discouraged and need prayer, they are your prayer group and lifeline. When you need a good word, they help by sharing scriptures, (or you do the same.)

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