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Timothy  has been in the business and consulting field  for over  25 years, and has  a  Masters in Counseling, and a  Bachelor's in Journalism.  Tim is also certified as a Licensed Alcohol  and Drug counselor with Oklahoma, and is licensed as a DUI  Assessor. 
With  an  extensive  leadership  background and  leadership development,  Tim has  helped  organize leaders in  both large and small groups.   He and  Jennifer met, in fact  pursuing purpose  at an international  leadership development conference, teaching diversity.
Timothy also has  a strong mantle of hope. He has coached young adults,  teenagers , adults  with substance  abuse  problems and  their families.  Tim  and Jennifer have both  helped business owners manage their businesses and assist  with consultation and creativity. They met in Reston, VA at a leadership retreat with the  National Coalition  Building Institute. Both were  leading in their perspective roles in   diversity work in separate cities, and within a year, they  knew they had to combine vision and life purpose.
As a couple, they  have a passion  for  those who are burdened with substance  abuse problems and  long to  bring hope and healing to the families. They also bring to the  table a  creative approach for  greater self-care, self-awareness and self-esteem. Together, they also love to coach couples  and have participated in  marriage forums and  couples  coaching.  In  2007, they began  the Owens group and led  groups  for adolescent teens when they lived in  Denton County, Texas.  "Man Up"  and "Woman Enough" were  curriculum that were born and they worked with probation  departments and  judges in  in the local Denton  and  Carrollton, TX  County  in their  perspective communities.  Many adjudicated youth turned from  their juvenile problems, and  families were reconciled.
Jennifer  has  a  Master's in Social work  from  Howard  University and for over 25 years has worked in  the social work field with  adolescents  families,  school aged children and  in geriatrics  She  is also a mental  health  therapist and  life  management and spiritual coach, and  currently is  involved in  working with persons  dealing with grief management.  She is also  the creative consultant for  Where We Belong - a community effort by  Three To The Third; a local ministry that helps people to  preserve their legacy through story.  She loves  working on esteem-building , storytelling,  and curriculum development with  business by way of  providing a writing structure and idea development  for books and blogs.  Want to spruce up your approach for  business outreach ? Let her help you!
Jennifer also assists with life coaching on several levels; coaching with a strong mantle of  decision-making.  She enjoys coaching people with  recognizing  individual skill and purpose; as well as  self-actualization skills is her  forte'.   She loves to work  with those who  desire to  learn more about themselves; develop a stronger identity and  find their voices. Jennifer has been a social  worker  in the field for over  25 years.  She  assists women , mostly through writing exercises that helps enhance their self awareness and inner strengths and purpose.  She has held  three conferences and retreats for women  in the areas for self care and  living out their purpose. Jennifer has  been a leader in the marketplace  with communities and also  within the United  States. She has led  conferences/and  workshops  for women  and community leaders, in various states (New York,  Texas and Oklahoma) and also in  South Africa .
Together,  Tim and Jennifer plan to impact nations.  They have a  combined vision for community  organization on  a national level and international level, emphasizing  leadership for businesses and individuals  in several areas in life.
Jennifer is also an  Author/Blogger  at :
"The Blessedness of Being."
Please click above,  and visit her blog to know more about self-actualization and her coaching curriculum.
Our Teamwork



The  Owens Group Works with several  community leaders  and some business owners as   consultants to  develop programming  and  mental health programs in our local community. We also  to help build families and  assist  them with personal and familial  growth.   Stay tuned for our  collaborations with local leaders and instructors. 


The  Owens  Group has a premise  that involves  creativity.  We   work with  individuals  who   would like to  create a new life map  to  assist them  with better  self- evaluation life - management skills and better self-care. 

We have online  curriculum  development that  guides  persons along with  individual and group coaching that  helps  individuals to  develop   better self-awareness. 

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