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Tim  and Jennifer Owens have been in the field of  coaching/consulting/counseling for  over  30 years. We specialize in :  Marital  Coaching, Anger Management,  Diversity Training , Substance  Abuse  Counseling. and DUI  Assessments. We also  specialize in spiritual development  and self-actualization coaching and groups  for teen  and adults.


Hello, We are the Owens Group.  Jennifer  and Timothy Owens. We believe in family and  developing wholeness for individuals .We work  with  teens, adults and families . We enjoy and helping people learn about themselves and  learn how to self-actualize their lives, empower their families and work to develop a stronger identity . It is our  hope we can help you to live a better  quality of life, determine greater possibilities, and live  your true joy.

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Office Number: 918-282-0633

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